Hi! I'm Rivki Locker, an ordinary person who lives a harried, busy life like you do. I created this blog to share my ideas about how to eat healthy without spending all day shopping, eating, cooking, and measuring portions.

My husband Avi and I have four terrific kids: ten twelve fourteen-year-old twin girls Sarah and Malkie, a eight nine eleven-year-old son Yaakov Yosef, and our darling baby girl three five-year-old daughter Zipora.  We live in New Jersey and I work full time for Achieve3000, an educational software publisher that creates really cool reading programs for kids. I manage our Product Research and Development team, and I love what I do.

So...life is busy, and there never seems to be enough time in the day. But healthy eating is important to me. I (usually) manage to get a nutritious meal on the table for dinner, one with the kids will (usually) eat. Without the luxury of time, that can be a challenge.

I created this blog to share my strategies and recipes for healthy cooking. I hope you enjoy it and come back often! You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Please post comments to tell me how I'm doing.