I ate a Mr. Goodbar yesterday. Not one of those tiny individually wrapped candy bits that look like they were made for dolls. No. I ate an entire almost-2-oz. almost 400 calorie candy bar. For no good reason other than the fact that both of us were in the same place (Wawa) at the same time (12 noon, on an empty stomach with no good lunch prospects).  It was delicious. Smooth, creamy, nutty. WOW.

Today, to make up for it, I went to the farmer's market which is closing for the season tomorrow. I bought - I do not exaggerate - 40 apples. A lovely combination of macoun, golden delicious, and honey crisp. Over the course of the day today, I ate - I do not exaggerate - 5 apples of various varieties.

How's that for balance?

the last of the NJ apples
The last of the local NJ apples...