I read about the Eat. Live. Be for a better 2011 challenge on Eats Well with Others today. An inspiring group of bloggers will be blogging about their own personal journey towards healthy eating this year. I thought I'd take the opportunity to write about my goals for the year. In 2010, I stopped dieting and lost 25 pounds just by changing my outlook on food.

Here are my goals for 2011:
  • To eat what I enjoy. Bread, pasta, pizza, salads. Dark chocolate. (There is one caveat: I will do my best not to eat commercial or processed foods with weird ingredients that I can't read and don't stock in my kitchen. As Michael Pollan puts it in one of my favorite books  Food Rules, if your grandmother wouldn't recognize the food, it isn't really food and you shouldn't be eating it.) 
  • To enjoy what I eat. I savor every bite of every meal and snack. I indulge when I want to, and then make up for it later. Last week, I had a huge ice cream cone one afternoon and then skipped lunch and ate a light dinner to make up for it. The main rule when I indulge is to ENJOY IT and feel NO GUILT. (See another favorite book on this topic: French Women Don't Get Fat.)
  • To load up on fruits and veggies as I want and try to eat mostly what's in season. I do not believe in counting portions when it comes to fruits and vegetables.
  • And last, to eat VERY little of everything other than produce. I'll eat small portions at meals, and if I want more, I'll reach for a fruit. But I'll never count or measure!
    What are your goals for this year? Please share them in the Comments section below. Here's to a wonderful 2011! 

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