I am not super talented in the garden. When I tried tomatoes, they got infested with ugly white bugs. My zucchini and beans never grew more than an inch tall. My flowers historically wilt within two days of planting. It's like they're afraid of me or something.

Oregano and basil
But herbs planted in containers are a completely different matter. Even a complete klutz like me can't kill them! And the best part is, I reap the benefits all season long. I just love stepping out on my porch for a snipping of chives for a garnish or a bunch of basil for homemade pesto.


I planted my spring herb garden last week and it's growing already! Loads of basil (but of course), some parsley and cilantro, lots of thyme and oregano, and a bit of sage, chive, mint, tarragon and rosemary.

Some more oregano

If you have never planted your own herbs, I encourage you to do it. Pronto. It's super simple and will save you loads of money all season long. Just buy a few containers (you can even use super large cans, if you wash them well and puncture a few holes on bottom), a bag or two of potting soil, and some small plants of your favorite herbs. (You can start herbs from seed, if you're ambitious, but I prefer to buy the small plants for a head start.) You should be able to get everything you need at Home Depot, Lowes or a gardening center. 

Thyme (foreground)

Fill a pot with soil, use a small shovel to carve out a hole for the plant, and plop it in. You can plant a couple of different herbs in the larger pots, or - if you're using smaller pots - one plant per pot. Cover the base of the plant with some more soil, and water well. Put it in a sunny spot and water daily, unless it rains. That's all. Really. 

Tarragon in the foreground; sage and cilantro in the background

Once your plants starts growing, start clipping them and using the herbs! 

This week on Eat. Live. Be, we're talking about staying within budget while eating healthy. This is one of my best strategies. Herbs add flavor to my food without calories. And once you've invested in the containers and soil, the annual investment is small ($30-40 for a LOT of herbs) and pays off quickly. 

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