If I do say so myself, I'm doing pretty well on my goals for the new year.

  • I'm eating what I enjoy. This one's never a challenge for me.  ;>)
  • I am enjoying what I eat. I savor every bite of every meal and snack. 
  • I am loading up on as many fruits and veggies as I want and trying to eat as much seasonal produce as possible. 
  • And last, I'm eating VERY little of everything other than produce. 

The thing that gets most in the way of my goals is making time to shop and cook healthy when I'm busy (which is always). It's so much easier to cook up some macaroni for lunch than it is to clean and chop a head of chard. It's faster to make a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner when I get home late and tired than it is to chop up a salad and broil some fish. 

The fact that I enjoy cooking and working with food helps. Healthy eating will never be the fastest, easiest option. But it's a lot more fun. I let myself enjoy the process of cooking instead of seeing it as a chore. What are your challenges and how do you tackle them?

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