I'm happy to be participating in the Eat. Live. Be. Challenge. Last week, I wrote about my goals for 2011. This week, participating bloggers have been asked to write about our support community - where we turn for support/community in our health goals.

Let me give you the bad news first. There is no one who's involved in my everyday life who gives me a 'push' to stick to my health goals. In our family, I'm the leader, the one who has to set the tone for everyone else to eat healthy. If I come home from the grocery with a truckload of Oreo cookies or Reeses Peanut Butter cups instead of whole grain granola bars, my kids roll out the red carpet for me. (They have one reserved for just this eventuality.) If I serve up fast food burgers for dinner instead of grilled chicken and brown rice, I get a round of applause. I am the strong one, the one who has to withstand the pressures of unhealthy eating and who has to make sure we eat reasonably nutritious, unprocessed foods.

The good news is that I find lots of support online and by reading healthy eating books. I have a huge supply of books and magazines that help me stay focused on my goals, and I make it a point to read them regularly. I visit loads of healthy eating blogs and forums, and I have developed online relationships with others like me, who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of my favorite print and online resources.

What books and blogs do you turn to for inspiration? What gives you the support you need to meet your healthy living goals? 

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